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Symptoms: When should we go to the doctor?

What is osteopathy?

On January 9th we held the first seminars of 2016 within the “Be an Informed Patient” program.

The schedule was as follows:

  1. 11-12 AM: in the “Complementary Medicine” section, osteopath Sorin Ionel Calina answered our questions about osteopathy and introduced us to the field of Craniosacral Biodynamics.
  2. 12-12,30 PM: Break
  3. 12,30 – 15,30 PM: dr. Horatiu Vultur taught us how to interpret our symptoms, when we should go to the doctor, what information is medically relevant and how we should communicate it to make the treatment process more efficient.img_20160109_0 img_20160109_112901 img_20160109_132311 img_20160109_133754 img_20160109_143210 img_20160109_113213 img_20160109_123926 s6306263 s6306282


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